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Wear Resistance Of Carbide Rods
Jul 07, 2017

Carbide is defined as a multi-phase composite material made of refractory metal carbide (tungsten carbide, titanium carbide, etc.), iron group metal as binder, powder metallurgy method, Carbide Round Bar which is characterized by high hardness, Good wear resistance, high mechanical strength; corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance, acid and alkali; expansion coefficient is small, point thermal conductivity and thermal conductivity and iron and ferroalloy similar. Carbide classification according to its composition and performance is divided into tungsten cobalt, tungsten and cobalt, general category, titanium carbide, steel. Carbide Round Bar Carbide round bar material is generally tungsten cobalt alloy, tungsten cobalt alloy has good toughness and the appropriate wear resistance, so the carbide rod is mainly used for wire, bar processing with the drawing die. But also for cast iron, nonferrous metals and their alloys and non-metallic materials are not flat surface and intermittent cutting rough car, fine fine grinding, Carbide Round Bar general hole and deep hole drilling, reaming and production of woodworking tools.

Because carbide rods have good toughness and wear resistance, carbide rods for wire and tube drawing parts stamping die, motor stator and rotor, EI steel, LED frame stamping and other processing materials. Carbide round bar is a kind of carbide material, Carbide Round Bar generally need to carry out in-depth processing to produce the required high-precision products, such as carbide inlaid, it is by the carbide rod through the fine grinding process Thus becoming a high-precision mold parts, so further carbide ball is a carbide material.

Carbide round bar with the following characteristics

1, processed into the mold life extension (high fatigue strength, not easy to produce stress concentration).

2, good life stability (crack occurrence and expansion time delay).

3, adhesion, bite burning significantly reduced (lubricant generated by the corrosion is extremely slight).

4, wire cutting EDM process greatly improved corrosion resistance (anti-electric processing corrosion ability).

5, raw material purity of 99.95% or more, very little impurity content, Carbide Round Bar round rod physical properties more stable.

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