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Tools More Complex Functions, The More Conducive To Bow On The Tool-blades
Feb 16, 2017

Tool combined more functions, more favorable to users the flexibility to use the tool. Bow on the blade with chamfering cutter, clamp 4 blades, minimum chamfer diameter at the end of 12mm. Provides three chamfer angle, respectively, and horizontal surface of 30 °, 45 ° and 60 °. Small diameter milling cutters design and movable configurations, makes it to the milling process, can achieve high table feed.

Advanced beam spot coating (SUMOTEC) after processing, makes the blade surface finishes higher, and helps reduce hot cracking in the conventional CVD coating, and conventional PVD,CVD coating on blade surface residual stresses. This reduces cutting heat (heat is one of the main factors leading to blade failure), to reduce friction, and further reduces the risk of blade breakage.

Bow on blade costume Devil milling cutter SUMOMILL blade, routine use of sharpening knives, are also being used in machining chamfering, countersunk holes and surface milling. ISCA SUMOMILL series, using beam magic coating technology (SUMOTEC), in many applications, doing so well. Vertical clamping, clamping firm, which makes the cutting edges of the blades last longer, even in very bad conditions, high speed cutting blade will not suddenly damage.

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