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Points Using Shears-bow On The Blade
Feb 16, 2017

Shearing machine used note:

1 and moving shearing machines, the machines are idle a number of cycles to ensure that under normal circumstances, try cutting sheets of different thickness, from thin to thick. Ensure that the user is familiar with shear performance.

2, when you try to cut different thickness must be transferred to a different blade clearance. Without adjusting the blade clearance, then the blade life.

3, shearing machine in the process of cutting open the pressure switch, observe the oil pressure value, cut 12mm pressure 20MPa. This remote pressure regulating valve No9, factory pressure setting 20-22MPa, the user must comply with the law, or for cutting excess materials to improve pressure and cause damage to the machine.

4, when the sound balance. Shearing machine if there is noise, you should stop.

5, cutting operation, raise the temperature in the tank of <60 more than shut down when resting.

6, the cutting edges of the cutter should maintain sharp blade blunt or cracked should be timely replacement.

7, when cutting shear, press install should be firmly pressed sheet, no pressure not to continue tight cut.

8, installation of hydraulic facilities, in addition to dieting valve remaining hydraulic valve adjustment in private is not allowed.

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