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Long Service Life Of Cemented Carbide Strip
Oct 10, 2017

The cemented carbide belt belongs to the cutting tool. It consists of a saw body (1) and a cemented carbide sawtooth (2), which is characterized in that the saw body (1) is annular and has a cemented carbide sawtooth (2) on its isometric welding. It has reasonable design, novel structure, high hardness of saw blade, Carbide Strip good wear-resisting property, jagged deformation, dull, narrow saw path, easy to chip, long service life, good processing effect and high efficiency.

The tooth tip of cemented carbide belt has: high hardness, excellent abrasion resistance, high fatigue resistance of saw band, high-speed sawing of all kinds of non-ferrous metals and superhard special metallic materials. Especially suitable for sawing: cast iron, ductile iron, high-temperature alloy, memory alloy, Carbide Strip titanium alloy and wear-resisting tool steel.

Cemented carbide belt in use, in addition to follow the basic operating procedures of the bimetal band saw blades, also need to pay attention to the selection of line speed.

Cemented carbide belts are made of different materials and structures, in the practice of the application process, we found that not any of the cemented carbide strip to high-temperature alloy under the processing, Carbide Strip the results received are very good, only in the choice of reasonable, the use of appropriate conditions can be achieved ideal results.

1. Tool structure

Cemented carbide belt, is generally used in the inlay-toothed welded structure, cemented carbide with the tip of the teeth not only with high hardness, high wear resistance, but also has the advantages of high fatigue resistance, but its main shortcomings of sexual embrittlement, low strength, not withstanding impact. Carbide Strip In the case of high temperature alloys, in addition to considering the characteristics of the material, the main selection principle should be based on the difficult machinability of the superalloy, Carbide Strip taking into account the shape of the blanks to be machined parts and the main requirements for machining (like cutting is to improve sawing efficiency as the main goal, Or to improve the life of the main to determine the structure of the band saw Blade is the use of coarse teeth or fine teeth, is the equal tooth distance or the change of teeth. The application of the saw is compared (especially to be based on the final saw-cutting data to be compared, we can get the result), Carbide Strip we think that the Bimetal band saw blade of the high temperature alloy, the structure of the selection of coarse-tooth and variable-tooth spacing of the cemented carbide belt is preferred.

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