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Factors Influencing The Effect Of Slitter Blades-bows On The Blade
Feb 16, 2017

Factors influencing the slitter blade effect is what? Pneumatic cutting machine, corrugated board machine, metal cutting machine in the production process, how to use it properly in order to improve the efficiency and service life of the blades?

Knife-making materials are key elements for slitter blade is durable or not; average blade of cutting paper, film, you should choose SKD-11 with high chromium alloy steel; high speed slitter blades needs to have a very high wear resistance, so high speed steel is the best knife-making materials;

Under normal circumstances, is directly proportional to the durability and hardness of the blade, so high quality slitter blades, quenching the blade hardness up to HR55~60, and the use of material made of high speed steel blades, also require vacuum heat treatment in order to achieve the desired degree of hardness and toughness.

Blade sharpening precision and cutting edge angle is also one factor affecting life, slitter blades generally uses single edge blade design, the sharpening angle of about 30 °. Typically, blade bevel surface bearing friction is larger during the cutting process, under the edges of the friction, the bevel of the blade quickly wear, considering the premise of anti-cutting force of cutting and sharpening angle can be as small as possible.

Select the texture of the blade when cutting material should be taken into account; in the process of cutting, speed edge on a dull and the wear resistance of the cutting material-related. Cutting hard texture, toughness, the greater the material, the slitter blade hardness and texture you choose should have it as well.

Blade cutting machine is used in printing and packaging industry of special knives, cutting precision and sharpness and life is to a large extent about its production efficiency, reasonable choices and so cutting machine blades, can increase the efficiency of production and shortening tool change time.

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