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Carbide Rods Have Stable Mechanical Properties
Jul 19, 2017

Carbide round Rod is a kind of cemented carbide tungsten steel (WC) as the main raw materials, coupled with other precious metals and paste through the use of powder metallurgy method to suppress sintering of high hardness, high-strength alloy materials.

Cemented carbide rods are widely used in the field of production and processing: such as: micro-drill in the PCB industry, electrode rods in the photoelectric communication industry, Carbide Round Bar tungsten carbide drills, drill shank, top, push rod, wear-resisting precision parts, CNC milling cutters and tool materials with holes.

Stable mechanical properties, easy to weld, Carbide Round Bar high abrasion resistance and high impact resistance.

Mainly applies to the drill bit, the end mill, the reamer. It can also be used for cutting, stamping and measuring tools. It is used in papermaking, packaging, printing, Carbide Round Bar non-ferrous metal processing industry. It is also widely used in machining high speed steel cutters, carbide milling cutters, cemented carbide cutters, and NAS cutting tools, aviation cutter, carbide drill, milling cutter coring bit, high speed steel, tapered milling cutter, metric milling cutter, miniature end milling cutter, hinge pilot, electronic tool, step drill, metal cutting saw, double margin drill, gun, angle milling cutter, carbide rotary file, carbide cutter, etc. In addition, Carbide Round Bar it can also serve as wear-resisting parts. Some grades can be used as cold upsetting die, stamping die, such as cold heading screws, nuts, cold punching steel ball, warhead, etc. the bullet casing of the stamping die, silicon steel, up and down.

Characteristics of cemented carbide rods

1, the use of low pressure sintering technology, stable and reliable quality;

2, the use of overpressure automatic pressure relief extrusion equipment, all types of specifications of cemented carbide solid fine grinding rod can be produced: the use of German imports of automatic extrusion equipment, can be adjusted according to different requirements, Carbide Round Bar is conducive to the production of different models of bar.

3. High precision grinding of the bar, can reach the mirror effect: the use of CNC grinder, with the maximum polishing rate, can quickly remove the damage layer produced during polishing, improve surface finish, up to the maximum mirror effect. Precision Grinding rod Material: diameter tolerance d≤±0.01 Length tolerance l≤±0.5.

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