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Carbide Drill Bits Are Used In A Wide Range
Aug 22, 2017

Carbide drill bits are generally considered to be a drill bit for core drilling. In simple terms, during the work of the core drilling, the carbide drill bit is broken by the impact load and the impact load generated by its own rotation. During the whole drilling process, Ultra Coarse Carbide Drilling Insert the drill bit is often subjected to high-frequency impact loads and subjected to various composite stresses such as torsion, bending, stretching, compression, etc., subjected to rock, Mining and other working medium wear and corrosion.

Carbide drill bits are also classified, and different models are suitable for different material drilling. For example, the loose plasticity of the rock material is more suitable for the use of spiral ribs, and homogeneous marble, limestone, shale material will use the square column bit! Carbide drill bit selection is also varied, Ultra Coarse Carbide Drilling Insert We need to choose according to the actual situation. Choosing a suitable carbide drill bit can greatly improve productivity and even reduce costs. In fact, the carbide drill bit is divided into four basic types of solid carbide drill bits, carbide indexable bit drills, welded carbide bits and replaceable carbide crowns. Ultra Coarse Carbide Drilling Insert These four types of carbide drill bits have their own use, carbide indexable bit drills are more commonly used in machine tools or lathe processing. However, the service life of course is not the same, the relative durability is to change the carbide crown drill bit.

The overall cemented carbide bit is made of fine particles of cemented carbide, although an integral cemented carbide can only be ground about ten times, however, Ultra Coarse Carbide Drilling Insert in order to extend its service life, the manufacturers have been coated, The centering function also makes the overall carbide drill bit more practical. Carbide indexable insert bit processing hole range is very wide, Ultra Coarse Carbide Drilling Insert but also very practical. Welded carbide drills work with high accuracy and most materials can be drilled. Replaceable Carbide Crown Drill not only with self-centering function, but also with the welding of carbide drill just as high precision machining.

The purpose and characteristics of carbide bit

1. Can be used for more complex material drilling, you can choose a higher cutting speed.

2. Featured alloy drill bit dedicated high-performance alloy blade, effectively reduce the collapse of the knife, to maintain good wear resistance.

3. Multi-layer geometric cutting edge edge, Ultra Coarse Carbide Drilling Insert improve the excretion performance, to maintain a smaller cutting resistance.

4. In addition to commonly used right angle handle, with a variety of handle type, suitable for a variety of drilling, drilling with.

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