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Carbide Belt With High Wear Resistance
Jul 31, 2017

Carbide belt with the tip: high hardness, excellent wear resistance, saw belt with high fatigue resistance, high-speed sawing a variety of non-ferrous metals and super-hard special brittle metal materials. Particularly suitable for sawing: cast iron, ductile iron, high temperature alloy, memory alloy, Carbide Strip titanium alloy and wear tool steel.

Carbide belt in use, in addition to follow the basic operation of bimetal band saws, but also need to pay attention to the choice of linear speed.

Carbide belts are made of different materials and structure, Carbide Strip in the practice of the application process, we found that not any kind of carbide band with high-temperature alloy processing, the effect is very good , Only in the choice of reasonable, and under the circumstances can be used to get the desired results.

1. Tool structure

Carbide belts are generally made of inlay welded structure. Carbide tapered tines have not only high hardness, high abrasion resistance but also high fatigue resistance, but their main disadvantages are brittle, Low, impatient impact. In addition to considering the characteristics of the material, Carbide Strip the main selection principle should also be based on the hard workability of the superalloy, taking into account the shape of the blank to be machined and the (Such as cutting is to improve the efficiency of sawing as the main goal, or to improve its life-based) to determine the band saw the structure of the selection is the use of coarse teeth or the use of fine teeth, Carbide Strip is the pitch or Variable pitch. According to the comparison of the application of the test (in particular, according to the final saw cutting data to compare the results in order to get the results), we believe that the super-alloying of the bimetallic band saw blade, the structure of the selection of coarse teeth and teeth From the hard alloy belt is better.

The reason we believe that in the high-temperature alloy material for cutting cutting (especially when some special materials, like nickel-based superalloy) chip adhesion is strong, Carbide Strip the chip is not easy to discharge, It is easy to make the cutting edge of the blade, the tool flank wear will be exacerbated, the choice of coarse teeth not only can increase the blade strength, but also can increase the bitter space, easy to use a relatively large feed rate to improve cutting efficiency; Carbide Strip The use of pitch can reduce the cutting noise and also reduce the vibration, cutting is also more stable, it is conducive to improve the durability of band saw blade.

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