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Bow On The Performance And Characteristics Of Graphite Tool-blades
Feb 16, 2017

A: effects of tool wear of the points

1, material: graphite cutting tools for machining, conventional TiAlN coatings can be selected in the selection of appropriate resilience is relatively good, which is slightly a little higher cobalt content; for diamond-like carbon coated graphite tools, can be selected in the selection of appropriate hardness is relatively good, which is slightly low cobalt content;

2, and tool of geometry angle: graphite tool select right of geometry angle, helps reduced tool of vibration, in turn, graphite artifacts also not easy collapse deficiency; ① Qian angle, used negative Qian angle processing graphite Shi, tool edge strength better, resistance impact and friction of performance good, with negative Qian angle absolute of reduced, Hou knife surface wear area changes is unlikely to, but General is reduced trend, used are Qian angle processing Shi, with Qian angle of increases, tool edge strength was weakened, instead led to Hou knife surface wear increased. Negative rake angle processing, cutting, increases the cutting vibration with large positive process, tool wear, cutting vibrations as well. ② rear corner, angle increases, the cutting edge strength, flank wear areas increases. After the large angle of tool, cutting vibration strengthening. ③ Helix angle, Helix angle is small, cut graphite workpieces on the same cutting edge of the blade is the longest, maximum cutting resistance, tool under cutting the impact most, tool wear and cutting force and vibration are greatest. When the Helix angle is large, the degree of deviation from the surface of the workpiece in the direction of the milling force and graphite materials caused by the molder of shock cutting, tool wear and cutting force and vibration also increases. Therefore, the tool angle on tool wear, milling and cutting vibration influences of anterior Horn and back angle and spiral angle of integrated, so there must pay more attention in selection. Through the processing of graphite material did a lot of scientific tests, PARA tools optimize the geometry of the tool, which makes the overall performance is greatly improved.

3, and tool of coating: processing graphite tool should select diamond coating, it of hardness high, and wear sex good, and friction coefficient low advantages, at this stage diamond coating is graphite processing tool of best select, also most can reflected graphite tool superior of using performance; diamond coating of carbide tool of advantages is integrated has natural diamond of hardness and carbide of strength and the fracture toughness; can improve near 10-20 times tool using life.

4, cutting edge enhancement: passivation technology of cutting edge is a little attention, and is a very important issue. Diamond grinding wheel blade grinding of cemented carbide cutting edge, there are different levels of micro-gap (that is, micro-chipping and bite). High speed cutting tool performance and stability of graphite put forward higher requirements, particularly of diamond coated cutting tool coating that must elapse before a knife-edge passivation treatment in order to ensure the strength and service life of the coating.

5, tools for machining conditions: select the appropriate processing conditions for the life of the tool has considerable influence. ① cut: climb milling processing. ② blow (or dust) and impregnated EDM processing, clean surface of graphite dust, decreases tool wear II, extending tool life. ③ selection of high speed and the feed rate. Reviewed above, tool materials, angles, coating, edge enhancement and machining conditions plays a different role in the life of the tool and indispensable, mutually reinforcing. A good graphite tools, should have smooth flutes of graphite powder, long service life, deep engraving, manufacturing cost savings.

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