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Carbide Cutting Machine Cutting High Precision
Jun 09, 2017

Carbide cutting machine is divided into flame carbide cutting machine, plasma carbide cutting machine, laser carbide cutting machine, water cutting and so on.

Laser carbide cutting machine for the fastest efficiency, the highest cutting accuracy, cutting thickness is generally small. Plasma carbide cutting machine cutting speed is also very fast, the cutting surface has a certain slope. Flame Carbide Cutter for Thicker Carbon Steel. The following are the same as the "

Carbide cutting machine application

Carbide cutting machine applications There are metal and non-metallic industries, in general, non-metallic industry points more detailed, like a stone cutting stone carbide cutting machine, Carbide Round Cutter Slitter water carbide cutting machine, jagged carbide cutting Machine, cutting cloth and plastic, chemical fiber products with laser carbide cutting machine, blade, carbide cutting machine, cutting metal materials are flame cutting surface, plasma carbide cutting machine, flame carbide cutting machine Inside the sub-control flame carbide cutting machine, and manual two categories, manual categories are, small sports car, Carbide Round Cutter Slitter semi-automatic, pure manual, CNC has, gantry CNC carbide cutting machine, cantilever CNC carbide Cutting machine, desktop CNC carbide cutting machine, phase-line CNC carbide cutting machine, and so on!

Carbide cutting machine cost

Laser carbide cutting machine is the most expensive, but also the highest precision and efficiency of a high-tech cutting equipment, waterjet carbide cutting machine followed by flame carbide cutting machine again the cost is relatively relatively the end of the plasma carbide Cutting machine use the lowest cost (each calculation)!

Metal carbide cutting machine foreground

Carbide cutting machine At present, CNC flame, plasma carbide cutting machine holds a large part of the user, and later fine plasma, laser cutting will replace the former, as the mainstream carbide cutting machine, Carbide Round Cutter Slitter because they are environmentally friendly, cutting speed Fast, cutting quality good!

Carbide cutting machine is a digital program to drive machine movement, with the machine movement, the random with the cutting tool to cut the object. This mechanical and electrical integration of carbide cutting machine is called CNC carbide cutting machine.

CNC high pressure water jet carbide cutting machine, suitable for any material cutting (metal, non-metallic, composite), cutting high precision, does not produce thermal deformation, Carbide Round Cutter Slitter with environmentally friendly cutting methods. Its shortcomings lies in the cutting speed is slow, low efficiency, high cutting costs.

Other CNC carbide cutting machine: including CNC tube carbide cutting machine, CNC steel carbide cutting machine, CNC groove solid carbide cutting machine, CNC woodworking carbide cutting machine, these special cutting equipment is mainly used in the Special-purpose profiles of CNC cutting, the current market, few manufacturers.

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