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Yl10.2, Yg10X Yg12X Tungsten Carbide Strips, Burs for Making Cutter Wear-Resistant Parts
Jul 04, 2017

Product Detail

Basic Info

  • Type:Cutter

  • Material:Tungsten Carbide

  • Standards:Full Range

  • Style:Cutting Tools

  • Cutting Process:Boring Tool

  • Work Type:Cut Off

  • Turning Tools Type:Cutting off

  • Boring Tool Type:Rough Boring Tool

  • Transport Package:Box

  • Specification:330/310, customization

Product Description

various sizes tungsten carbide strips
1.Easy brazing 
2.High wear resistance&high toughness 
3.Sample available
Tungsten carbide strips widely known as one kind of carbide cutting tools, it's available for different grinding 
geometric parameters and suitable for both cutting materials and nonmetal materials, also it can be applied 
to conventional, carbide inserts semi-automatic lathe,automatic lathe and planning machine to work grooves
 and operate cutting, etc.
1.We are a professional tungsten carbide manufacturer in Zhuzhou City over 10 years and have a few senior 
engineers who specializes in tungsten carbide field for many decades;
2.Recommended grade :YG6(K10) YG6X YG8(K20) YG15(K30), we can research and developmore suitable
 formula according to use condition and processing characteristics for client.
3.For your non-standard parts,we have strong ability to make mold by ourselves,and produce them per your 
4.We have strict quality control and assurance system to guarantee the consistent quality.

(g/cm3)(N/mm2) (HRA)
K1014.8180090.5Better wear-resistance than YG6, 
suitable for machining hard wood, original wood
as well as aluminum section bar, brass rod 
and cast iron.
K2014.9178090.5Excellent wear Resistance and strong rigidity, 
suitable for the machining of cast iron, 
non-ferrous metal as well as bamboo and wood.
K2014.7190089Good wear Resistance, excellent anti-impact and
anti-knocking properties, suitable for the
 manufacturing of wood working blade and 
machining ferrous
 and non-ferrous metal.
K2014.7200089.5Good wear Resistance, excellent anti-impact and anti-knocking properties, suitable for the 
manufacturing of wood working blade and machining
 ferrous and non-ferrous metal.
K4014.5240091Suitable for processing hard wood, veneer board,
 PCB, PVC and metals.
K4014.3250087.4Suitable for crashing the cobblestone, granite, 
construction materials, etc.

Standard sizes:
L×W :(5-330mm)×(5-330mm)
Thickness :1.5-66mm
Non-standard sizes as per customers' requirements.


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