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What are the uses of cemented carbide materials?
Dec 26, 2017

What are the uses of cemented carbide materials?

Carbide materials are widely used in the industry, especially the high-precision equipment used in the current job requirements for precision carbide mold processing put forward a new application. Carbide produced by the powder metallurgy production process, as a typical representative of super-hard metal because of its high hardness, high strength, good toughness, is the best choice of wear-resistant parts.

Renqiu Hengsheng Carbide Co., Ltd. mainly produces wear-resistant parts, cold forging dies, oil drilling mud nozzle, tensile modulus, carbide drill bit for oil and gas, hard alloy drill bits, carbide plates, carbide rods Materials, carbide ring Kun, carbide cutting chips. Carbide wafer knife, carbide sleeve, carbide seals and other products. The company has a strong machining capacity, testing means complete, strict quality management system, advanced technology, sophisticated technology and equipment.

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