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Tungsten Carbide Cutting Tools, CNC Tungsten Carbide Inserts
May 13, 2017

Carbide Inserts are widely used for cutting, milling, turning, woodworking, grooving etc.

Made by high quality virgin tungsten carbide raw materials. Good quality surface treating and TiN coating. 

Our company has in its possession an advanced production line for manufacturing dies and moulds and a production line for post machined cemented carbide products. We can also supply tailor-made products of various specifications based on the requirements of our customers.

We supply tungsten carbide insert, wear part, carbide blanks, tungsten carbide rod, carbide plate, carbide tips, carbide drill bits, tungsten carbide saw tips, carbide tools, carbide insert, carbide blade, carbide dies, carbide products. Please contact with our sales department for more details.

Material Grade for Carbide Inserts:


C2 Uncoated

High wear resistance and high strength; machining chilled cast iron and refractory steel, finishing of normal cast iron.

C5 Uncoated

Excellent in strength, impact resistance and resistance to thermal shock ;  Rough turning, rough planing and semi planing of Carbon steel and alloy steel.


Fine-grained alloy, good wear resistance and high strength. Semi-finishing and finishing of cast iron and nonferrous metals. It is the unique material for making of solid carbide tools for holing.


Fine grain grade. Excellent wear resistance, high in strength and impact resistance. Machining of cast irons, nonferrous metals and non-metallic materials. It is the unique material of solid carbide tools for holing.


Fine in wear resistance and toughness; Rough turning, milling, planing and depth drilling of carbon steel, cast steel, manganese steel and alloy steel.


A versatile grade, high in red hardness, strength and resistance to impact and thermal shocking. Roughing and strong cutting of steel and cast steel.

Suggestion: We would like to recommend suitable grade depending on your machining materials.

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