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Slitter blade bows on the types and scope of application-the blade
Feb 16, 2017

Cutting in the form of circular blade cutting blade cutting and.

1, knife cuts like razors, blades fixed on the slitter tool and material running knife during fall, knife materials lengthwise,

Achieve the purpose cutting. Square cutting blade can be divided into single-sided blades and double-sided blade:

Slitter blade single blade is thick, strong rigidity when cutting thicker is better, because in high-speed cutting machine case hard blade not prone to displacement, to ensure product

Quality, thickness 70-130um suggested the use of single-sided blades.

Double-sided blades are relatively soft, suitable for thinner material cutting, the smoothness of the film is assured, can also prolong the thickness.

70um suggested the use of double-sided blade.

Cutting machine cut, blade cutting is generally divided into notch cut and dangling cut in two ways:

1) notch cut is material when it is running in the Groove roll and cut knife in the Groove in Groove roll, lengthwise the material, material in Groove rollers have a certain angle, do not

Prone to drift. Cutting cast PP film, or a narrow margin of film, used this method of cutting, you can improve the cutting efficiency. But for dangling cut, its

Disadvantage is the knife is troublesome.

2) vacant when cutting material in between the two rollers, blades down lengthwise the material, this material is in a relatively stable state, so cutting precision

Than cutting die qielue almost, but this method of cutting tool is convenient, easy to operate. Cutting blade cutting is mainly suitable for cutting very thin plastic and composite films.

Round 2, there are upper and lower main blade cutting discs knives cut and round knife pressure-Fed cuts two ways.

Round knife cutting is cutting thick film, thick film, paper and other materials for major cuts. Cutting materials for membrane material thickness of 100um suggested the use of circular blade cutting.

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