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Shearing machine blade bows on the operation-blade
Feb 16, 2017

Shearing machine blade operation

1, operation prior to shearing machine wear tight-fitting protective clothing, cuff buckle, open the jacket hem that should not be changing clothes, start wearing next to the machine removing, or cloth from the body, preventing the machine from ground injuries. Must wear helmet, braids should be put inside the CAP, shall not wear a skirt, slippers.

2, the machine operator must be familiar with the shearing machine blade structure, performance, and usage.

3, this machine is suitable for machine tools cut material thickness nominal value of steel, copper, aluminum and other metal plates, and must be no hard marks, welding slag, slag inclusions, welding material, not allowed thickness.

4, the machine's usage:

A, in accordance with the thickness of the material to be cut, adjust the blade clearance.

B, adjusted according to the width of the material to be cut depends on mould or fixture.

C 1-3 empty trips before, machine tool operation and working correctly before it can be cut.

5, use if the machine is not working properly, should be immediately cut off the power supply check stands.

6, when adjusting the machine, you must cut off the power supply, move the workpiece, should pay attention to safety.

7, the machine should always be lubricated each operator should be lubricated once every six months by the mechanic lubricated rolling bearing parts.

Shearing machine use matters needing attention:

1, the operator should understand the shears working principles and methods of operation.

2, before starting the inspection machine screws are loose, switch button, lever had no failures, machine tool regularly lubricated.

3, press the cutting size fixed feeding device.

4, before the clutch shall be disengaged, with no load starting motor.

5, to be a machine running smoothly, put sheets in place, foot control switch.

Note to 6, feeding fingers safe, scissors don't stand behind splice.

7, no two people in the same shears and shear the material.

Shearing machines for 8, care must be taken when cutting materials, specifications, non-crop extra long extra thick plate, hardened steel, cast iron and other materials must not be cropped.

9, the work is over, turn off the power, clean the machine and the surrounding health.

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