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Round blade bows on the tips-blade
Feb 16, 2017

Typically used in circular blade we should do preliminary steps before:

1. do not use circular blade circular blade, blade must be hung vertically on a shelf in a dry, circular blade cannot be laid flat, flat can lead to deformation of circular blade.

2. super hard sharp circular blade serrated against collision, falling on the ground, must be handled with care.

3. When you must wear protective masks, work gloves, safety helmets, safety shoes, protective glasses.

4. prior to installing the circular blade, you must first confirm that saw the performance, usage, and ensure that the circular arrow indicates the direction of cutting and sawing the blade rotating in the same direction. No installation in the opposite direction, mounted in the wrong direction may cause blade tooth loss, prevent the occurrence of accidents.

5. when installing a circular blade, you must first check whether the circular blade crack, distort, fill, off the teeth and other phenomena, and then install.

6. after installation is complete, confirm and is securely fixed to the center hole of the saw blade flange, washer mats trap must be good, and then gently pushed by hand to confirm whether the circular blade rotating eccentric rock

7. when in use, do not exceed the prescribed maximum speed.

8. use before turning: a new tool, one minute before they can use, so when sawing work can be cut.

9. circular blade hardness is very important, good hardness of the material you claim is unreasonable when the blades collapse will occur, and soft mouth. the round knife

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