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New identification technology-bow on the blade
Feb 16, 2017

Mechanical processing plants all over the world in the production process often face tool breakage problems. Identify the location and cause of tool breakage is a problem, scrap, rework, machine downtime and delays in these additional elements and further reduced our production efficiency and increase costs.

After using the test system, you can improve productivity and profitability, make scrap, rework and machine downtime history.

Traditional non-contact tool breakage detection system based on laser beam is covered to determine whether the tool properly: when obscured, indicate that in normal; when you are not blocked, that tool breakage.

TRS1 is different. It has an advantage over other tool breakage detection system, because it not only check the light intensity changes. This new tool recognition technology can differentiate between tools, coolant and chips, but also in the actual machining conditions, fast, reliable performance.

Renishaw company, a new laser beam transmission to the tool on the system and monitor the reflected scattered light, to determine whether the tool breakage.

The recognition process to ensure that the processing cycle begins or at the end of each tool for rapid detection.

TRS1 is a laser light source and testing integrated system of electronic devices, can be installed outside of the region, not only to prevent collisions, but also saves valuable workspace.

TRS1 rigidity of machine tool can be installed on any surface, as it relates to the relative position of the tool is not important. Because there is no accurate alignment and axis of machine tools, simple and quick so the system setting.

TRS1 system is a cost-effective, fast, reliable performance of single-side device capable of detecting small to F0.5mm tools, tool in the residence time of the laser beam is usually about 1 second. TRS1 using Renishaw on specially-written software, the software supplied with the product.

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