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How to choose the hard alloy for oilfield bit
Dec 29, 2017

How to choose the hard alloy for oilfield bit

Oilfield drill bit cemented carbide is a major component of drilling equipment, but also the drill bit commonly used in the oil industry, its main role is to break the rock, the formation of the wellbore. The choice of hard alloy for oilfield bit should be based on the actual demand. According to different working environment and geographical environment, the shape and shape of bit should also be different. During oil drilling, it should be based on specific needs, specific design Program based on a reasonable, scientific choice of drill. Only by choosing the hard alloy suitable for oilfield bit can improve the working efficiency and quality of oil drilling well, make the oil drilling play its own value better and make some contribution to the development of petroleum industry.

The selection of hard alloy for oilfield bit can not be separated from several important factors, such as working environment, regional environment, bit size and shape.

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