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Excellent Tungsten Carbide Anvil From China
May 10, 2017
Tungsten carbide Anvil
2-facet tungsten carbide anvils as sintered
  1. Made from 100% virgin raw material.

  2. Ultrafine grain sizes

  3.  Produced with advanced equipments and process

  4. All products go through in process and final inspection

  5. Stable and continuous production ability

1. Tungsten carbide products:
Carbide Rods, Carbide Bars, Carbide Strips, Carbide Plates, STB Carbide Blanks, Drawing Dies, Cold Forginng Dies, Carbide Disc Cutters, Carbide Inserts, Carbide Shims, Carbide Burrs and Carbide Burr Blanks, Carbide Mining Bits, Carbide Drilling Bits, Carbide Cutting Tools for Wood and Bamboos, Tile Cutter Wheels, Scriber Tips, Customized Carbide Products etc.
2. Titanium and titanium alloy products:
Titanium Rods, Titanium Tubes, Titanium Pipe Fittings, Titanium Plates, Titanium Sheets, Titanium Foils, Titanium Wires, Titanium Nuts and Bolts, Titanium Brazing and Casting, Cutomized Titanium Products etc.


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