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Domestic brands round blade bows on the market analysis-blade
Feb 16, 2017

Here are Chinese brands slitting circular blade primary market segments:

(1), the automotive industry

Processing features are in the automotive industry, assembly line production in large quantities, the other is the processing conditions are relatively fixed. In order to optimize production, improve the quality and efficiency of hengli machinery, automotive industry for tool processing efficiency and service life of a very demanding requirements. Meanwhile, as a result of pipeline operations, in order to avoid changing the blades causes the entire production line downtime, causing huge economic losses, so often used compulsory unified change approach. The tool unique high quality stability requirements.

(2), aerospace industry

Processing characteristics of the aerospace industry is a high precision machining, and second materials difficult to machine. Most of the processing components of the industry for toughness and strength are very high temperature nickel alloys and titanium alloys (INCONEL718, etc), making imports of Shanghai circular blade very useful.

(3), large turbines, steam turbines, generators and diesel engine manufacturer

Which parts are bulky, expensive, at the time of processing, ensure the accuracy of the machined part and less waste is essential, so in these industries is often imported tungsten carbide circular blade.

(4), the use of CNC machine tools the companies

The saying goes, "a good horse with a good saddle", in order to improve process efficiency and product quality, efficiency of NC machine tools into full play, often imported circular blades are more likely to achieve the desired effect.

(5), the foreign-funded enterprises

In these enterprises, tend to be more focused on productivity and quality assurance. Because many of the foreign-funded enterprises is imported machine tools and equipment, using the circular blade is ripe in the importing country.

In addition, there are a lot of other industries, such as tooling, military industrial enterprises, such as imports of alloy blades are very widely used.

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