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Cemented Tungsten Carbide Anvil
May 10, 2017
Product Description
 Cemented tungsten carbide anvil


Tungsten carbide is a hard  material composed of a metal matrix  composite  where carbide  particles act as  the aggregate and  a metallic binder  serves as  the matrix.  It is one of the  most successful  composite engineering materials  ever produced.   Its unique combination of strength,  hardness  and toughness  satisfies  the most demanding applications. 
Tungsten carbide is used in machining tough materials such as cast iron or steel, as well as in situations where other  tools would wear away,  such as mining tools and wear parts.  Most of  the time,  carbide will leave a  better finish on the part,and allow faster machining. Carbide tools can also withstand higher temperatures than standard high speed steel tools.

Categories of products
1) Carbide drawing dies;
2) Carbide rods;
3) Carbide strips;
4) Carbide inserts;
5) Carbide disc cutters;
6) Carbide balls/ tire studs/
7) Carbide drilling bits;
8) Carbide Plates,
9) Carbide cold-forging dies;
10) Other customized items.

Products List